Enjoy sailing with family or friends on the Waddenzee or the IJsselmeer

Volgens de richtlijnen van het RIVM mogen wij vanaf 1 juni 2020 weer dagtochten varen op het IJsselmeer. De voorwaarden hiervoor zijn dat iedereen aan boord (behalve de bemanning) uit een gezin bestaat. Informeer hier naar de mogelijkheden.

Sailing ship the Waterwolf with more than 1000 square meters of sail hoisted, on its way to the Wadden Island during a summer sailing holiday

Holiday in the Netherlands

Lotus sailing offers fully arranged sailing trips for families, friends, or singles to discover the stunning nature of the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer, with its picturesque harbors. Sail for a weekend or week with hoisted sails and enjoy a holiday on the famous Dutch waters.

Welcome on board in Harlingen or Enkhuizen

We have two antique sailing boats with homeports Harlingen and Enkhuizen. This is where your journey begins. Our spritsail barge ‘Lotus’ has 20 beds and our Clipper ‘Waterwolf’ has 26.

Our skippers Olaf and Erik will welcome you on board. Both of them have been sailing the Dutch waters for over 30 years and will therefore endlessly tire you with passionate knowledge and information about the Dutch flora and fauna. But they will also take you to the most undiscovered places the IJsselmeer and the Wadden sea have to offer.

What to expect on board

Our ships don’t sail themselves, we always need a hand with that. But before we head out we’ll first have a drink, show you around the galley, the common lounge and you are assigned your cabin.

Once we’re sailing you don’t have to help ofcourse, but you can if you want to. We care about you enjoying yourself. For some this is lounging on the deck, for others it is discovering the art of sailing.

What people say about us

We went sailing with our children for 5 days. The passion and knowledge of the skipper and his wife about the Wadden region have made this sailing trip an unprecedented experience.

William & Sanne Weltering
 Interior photos of antique sailing ship the Waterwolf, family cabin

Our facilities

Although our sailing ships are more than a 100 years old, they have been completely modernized. Both in sailing as in terms of comfort. Comfy beds, modern sanitary facilities and a fully equipped kitchen and sufficient space both below and above deck.

Interior photo of an antique sailing ship the Lotus, the Galley

Breakfast, lunch and dinner

During our sail trips breakfast, lunch and dinner can be arranged. Warm tasty sandwiches, fresh organic salads, or a nice barbecue on board or on a sandbank in the middle of the wild Wadden nature. But of course you can also bring your own food and prepare it on board.

We take into account the requirements and wishes of everyone when it comes to food and drinks. So please let us know about your allergies or preference for vegetarian food, we will make sure to meet your needs.

Beer draft on board of our sailingships

Drinks & snacks

Coffee, tea and soft drinks are available during the day, after sailing the bar opens. There’s beer and wine and various local distilled drinks. During sailing the bar is closed due to safety rules.

Special Deals and Last-Minute offers

Book your holiday trip in the Netherlands now and take advantage of the early booking discounts.

1 day out on the water

A beautiful day at the IJsselmeer

A weekend away

Learn to sail on an antique flat-bottomed ship

A week away

Discover the Waddenislands

Friend or family trip

Get a 20% group discount

Book a weekend away with a minimum of 6 people and discover the secrets of the Wadden Sea

Team building or brainstorming on board one of our sailing ships

Are you looking for a unique location for team building, a brainstorming session or a meeting, then our sailing ships offer space for groups of up to 26 people. Learning to sail together strengthens the team spirit and there is enough space for group sessions both below and above deck. The alternation between undisturbed brainstorming and fresh air on the deck almost always leads to more inspiration and creations.

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