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A special girls’ weekend on the IJsselmeer

Once a year, or maybe even more often, you and your girlfriends go away together for a weekend. Just a little outing, enjoying each other’s company and reliving old memories. The reunion is always a celebration and it doesn’t really matter where you are. With each other, a glass of wine and good food, the weekend is guaranteed to be a success.

Nevertheless, it is usually a challenge to find a suitable place. A place that is not too far away for anyone so that you get the most out of your time together. In addition, it is safe to say that you do not want any neighbours who are disturbed by your chattering and roaring and excellent singing skills. So what will it be this year? Who is up to surpassing the previous outing?

You preferably meet on a Friday evening. If at all possible, everyone takes Friday afternoon off to spend as much quality time as possible on your weekend away with friends.

A weekend of fun with friends on a sailing yacht

Instead of going to a holiday park or Airbnb for the umpteenth time in a row this year, consider renting an authentic sailing ship. A sailing ship of this size has an area of about 100 square metres, half of which is your private terrace in the shape of the upperdeck. A great place to have a drink with tapas in the sunset.

In addition, the beds are wonderfully made and there is no lack of sanitary facilities. The extensive kitchen with a large refrigerator for drinks and an in-house cook complete this sailing holiday villa.

What does a girls’ weekend on the IJsselmeer look like?

Your weekend begins on Friday afternoon or evening. For example inthe harbour of Enkhuizen or another harbour around the IJsselmeer. On board you will be welcomed by the skipper and the hostess. They will show you around the upper and lower decks, then the fun begins and you and your friends have the place to yourself.

On Saturday morning, an extensive breakfast buffet awaits you, prepared by the ship’s cook. But if one of you is a kitchen princess and feels like it, you can also do the catering yourself. Everything is possible with regard to diet, allergies or if you prefer to eat vegan, that is no problem. The main thing is that the cook only cooks with fresh, organic, local produce!

The ship then leaves the port and sets sail for the IJsselmeer. After breakfast, the skipper would like to suggest to you what your final destination will be today. If you have any wishes or ideas about this, they are welcome. If it doesn’t matter, let yourself be surprised! Guided by the wind, you will almost automatically end up in special places along the most beautiful routes!

What to do during a girls’ weekend on the IJsselmeer

Of course, the ship docks in picturesque harbour towns, which you can discover with some local tips from the skipper. There is a lot to do during a girls’ weekend. You don’t have to do anything, of course! But if you’re looking for some options, we’ve listed some of the best ones for you:

Suppen on the IJsselmeer

Stand Up Paddling is hot! It also helps you to become or stay hot. Standing on a surfboard with a paddle, supping is a super fun way to discover the coast of the IJsselmeer from the water. You can easily book an afternoon of supping at the Supcentre in Enkhuizen or at Surf ‘n Sail in Makkum.

Hire an electric scooter and explore the Frisian coast

Discover the Frisian landscape from your own electric scooter. Not only is it fun to do, it is also environmentally friendly and quiet, provided nobody ends up in a ditch. As an extra option, you can book a picnic for the road or a high tea for afterwards. You can find more information at Rent an electric scooter Friesland.

Visit one of the local organic farms and do a tasting

You may not see yourself cuddling cows in blue overalls, but don’t worry. You can, however, buy a pair of clogs for the home front after seeing how they are made, or taste deliciously honest, organic cheeses at the Jacobshoeve in Volendam.

A Yoga session on deck

Of course, you are free to roll out your mat whenever you like during your weekend.

You can also opt for a yoga session together under the guidance of a yoga teacher somewhere in the middle of the IJsselmeer on board the ship or at another special place.

Take a city or village walk with a local as your guide

Depending on where the wind takes you, there is always something to discover. You can relive the history of the paard of Marken or read about the history of Hoorn from the nostalgic facades. Take a lunch from the cook and picnic in one of the courtyard gardens or go out for lunch in one of the many historical squares.

What about catering during a sailing weekend with friends?

As you have already read, a delicious breakfast buffet awaits you in the morning. In the afternoon, an extensive, healthy and, above all, tasty lunch is prepared, and for dinner, there are various options. Perhaps you have landed in the harbour of Hoorn, Volendam or Medemblik. Reserve the best place on the terrace of a cosy bistro in the harbour. Discover the local square with its various quaint caf├ęs or enjoy a culinary highlight at one of the star-rated restaurants.

Is it cosy on board and do you fancy a private dinner? Then let yourself be pampered by the cooking skills of the on-board chef. Compose your own menu or let yourself be surprised and give the chef a ‘carte blanche’.

A fun third option is to cook together with the cook. They will accompany you while you prepare delicious dishes with local delicacies from the sea or from the land. You will get explanations about the different products, preparation methods and matching wines, and you will make your own multi-course dinner!

A weekend with friends on a sailing ship flies by

Time flies, as it always does when you are in good company with your girlfriends. Start this last day of your weekend off right with a nice walk in one of the scenic spots around the IJsselmeer. Or, if the weather is nice, take a dive, which in most cases can be done directly from the ship. The hostess just hangs a ladder outside the boat.

When everyone is back on board, the skipper casts off for the last time and heads back to the home port. Enjoy the nice weather on this last afternoon of the girls’ weekend and even if it is chilly, you can meditate together below deck, have a laugh about the past weekend or practice the art of relaxation.

Around 4 p.m. the harbour comes into sight again and the skipper puts the sailing boat ashore. This is how a well-deserved weekend with friends comes to an end. Where will you go next time?

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