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Corona protocols on board our ships

The sector organization BBZ, with input from a number of skippers, has drawn up protocols that ensure a Corona safe environment on board our ships from 1 June during our organized sailing trips.

Updated on 10 July 2020

This is how we provide Corona safe sailing trips

Based on the protocols and the situations on board the different ships, we have made a number of provisions:

  • Crew and client walkways are separated. Where this is not possible we have hand soap gel ready and extra attention is paid to hygiene.
  • Additional disinfectants have been purchased on board in addition to the usual cleaning agents. Think of hand gel (alcohol base), cleaning spray (alcohol base), gloves, etc etc etc.
  • Contact with the client takes place beforehand, in which, in addition to the usual appointments, extra attention is also paid to the state of health and group composition.

Measures for guests and crew during Corona

Below are the BBZ measures, which we adhere to.

1. Pre-trip measures

  • In the agreement, indicate the maximum number of participants that can be on board at the same time.
  • The prescribed group size / composition as determined in the guidelines of the RIVM and the national government is decisive.
  • Measures are published on the entrepreneurs’ website and shared in
  • Payment is made in advance.
  • Do not come on board when you have a cold, sneezing, coughing, sore throat, difficulty breathing, or fever.

2. General measures

  • Hang a hygiene instruction clearly visible – in all public areas of the ship.
  • Explain to guests what measures have been taken and how they can contribute to a safe environment. (see instructions to guests and staff)
  • Make sure that there is a possibility to disinfect the hands at the entrance (s) of the ship.
  • Put pumps with disinfectant soap and paper towels (instead of cloth towels) in every cabin, public washbasins and public toilets.
  • When boarding, check for any symptoms that may indicate Corona.

3. Instructions to crew

  • Daily crew briefing.
  • What is going well, what could be better, what needs to be adjusted?
  • The crew serves as an example; everyone follows the rules.
  • Crew clean according to on-board cleaning protocol.

4. Instructions to guests

  • Give instructions to guests at the beginning of the trip, then repeat if necessary.
  • Wash hands often with disinfectant soap.
  • Don’t shake hands and avoid other physical contact.
  • Sneeze and cough in the elbow or use tissue paper.

5. General measures catering

  • No meal may be consumed while sailing below deck without being able to maintain the 1.5-metre rule.
  • As little staff in the kitchen as possible.
  • The same conditions apply to self-catering.
  • Always wash glasses, cutlery, etc. (in the dishwasher) with hot water.
  • Use disposable napkins and place mats.
  • Use as much mono packaging as possible for toppings, but also think about snacks etc.
  • Avoid using food that guests should touch with hands as much as possible.

6. Bar

  • Clean surfaces regularly.
  • No draft beer.
  • Wash glasses in hot water.
  • Contactless payment.

7. Finally

  • If a crew member or guest experiences colds (lung complaints and shortness of breath) and fever during the voyage, he must leave the ship.
Corona protocols on our ships

Cleaning protocol on board our ships

Below are the BBZ measures for the cleaning protocol that we adhere to.

1. General

  • Gloves and an apron are used.
  • Be careful not to touch the eyes, nose and mouth when wearing gloves.
  • Take protective measures before leaving the cleaned area.
  • Disposable materials are collected in a closed container and stored in a non-publicly accessible area.
  • Wash your hands before leaving the rooms.

2. Definitions

  • Household cleaning: The usual cleaning method on board of charter ships (preferably with spray bottle, microfibre cloth, squeegee).
  • Disinfection: Clean with alcohol 70% or approved disinfectant wipes, or chlorine solution 1 tablet in 5 liters of water, or 125ml of bleach in 5 liters of water.

3. Daily routine

  • Cleaning railing and other frequently touched surfaces when boarding and boarding guests.
  • Sanitary cleaning twice a day.
  • Daily disinfection of door handles and other often touched surfaces (doors, door knobs, seats etc).
  • All dishes are always washed in the dishwasher or with hot water.
  • On deck: cleaning railing, winch handles and other frequently touched surfaces.
  • Disinfect keyboards of navigation equipment / VHF / intercom.
  • Washable materials are washed immediately after use or transported in sealed plastic bags until the moment of washing.

4. Final cleaning

  • Below deck: household cleaning of day care center, cabins, sanitary facilities, galley and bar
  • Above deck: the entire ship is scrubbed and rinsed. The guest part is cleaned with extra attention given to seating areas and hand rails.
  • Items left behind should be disposed of in sealed plastic bags.

5. In case of suspicion of a risk of contamination

  • The ship must be disinfected (alcohol or bleach) and may not be offered again until 48 hours after disinfection, with the permission of the competent authorities.

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