A week of sailing on an antique sailing ship

From the 8th till the 14th of August, we cast off in Enkhuizen for a week of sailing on the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. Come alone, with your partner, family or friends.It promises to be a very warm and sunny summer, the ideal conditions for a holiday in the Netherlands. It goes without saying that we strictly follow the applicable guidelines of the RIVM and apply Corona protcollen on board our ships.

What to expect on board during a week of sailing

On Saturday morning the crew is expecting you in the harbour of Enkhuizen. You will be welcomed on board, when everyone has arrived, you will meet the rest of the select travel company. After all guests have found their own cabin and the sail enthusiasts have received the sailing instructions, it’s time to leave!

Even if you’re not an eager sailor but want to try Slow Travel and see if it’s something for you, you’ll be totally comfortable aboard the Waterwolf. On our way to the Wadden Sea, for example, we will certainly visit one of the ten best port cities around the IJsselmeer. Where you can find out for yourself. Cycle your butt off, visit one of the many fun museums or try the local terraces, everything is possible.

There’s plenty of room on deck and in the ship to find a nice spot and do your own thing. Maybe you want to read your book, work a little bit or learn the art of afternoon napping.

Catering on board a sailing ship

We make sure that every day starts with a breakfast buffet, that your lunch is ready and a two course dinner is served. All made with fresh and local produce. You’ll learn the art of on board and of course the bar is open every evening.

Which places to visit during a week of sailing

If you go on a sailing holiday for a week, you can be sure that you are going to see a lot of special places. During a sailing holiday on a flatboddem ship, it is of course essential to be able to put the ship on a sandbank. And how about visiting one of the five Wadden Islands? Maybe all 5 if weather and wind allow it. So you wake up every morning in a different place, anchored at the Waddensea for example, or in one of the picturesque harbours.

Sailing onto a sandbank with an antique sailing ship

Maybe you’ve heard of it, but what is it? Falling dry or sailing onto a sandbank?

During the time the Dutch Waddensea was created, many gullies and sandbanks were created. The skipper knows this area like the back of his hand and knows exactly which sandbanks are suitable to put the sailing ship on. If you want, you can help navigate here and take a swim while waiting for the tide to fall.

When the water is gone, you can step overboard and walk a stretch on the mudflats, over the bottom of the sea, where an hour ago water was still visible up to the horizon. You will see very different birds and shellfish as during the tide, you will also probably see some of the 10,000 seals that live in the Wadden Sea. In the meantime, preparations are being made on board for an extensive barbecue. Eating together on deck with the setting sun in the background and the rising water.

Want to come along for a week?

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