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Corona protocols for day trips on board our sailing ships

Below are the established protocols for responsible sailing, which we will adhere to during sailing on 1 June 2020 in connection with the Corona measures.

Updated on 10 July 2020


  • These agreements apply to all sailing charter related activities.
  • The basic principle is that it is clear and manageable for all owners, crew members and customers.
  • For specific measures, reference is made to sector-specific information. Entrepreneurs and customers adhere to the RIVM guidelines.
  • Branch organizations, ships and the government communicate about the agreements. Ships make appointments visible on a digital portal, in an agreement and on board.

Protocol provisions day trips sailing trips

For entrepreneurs

  • Rules are published digitally, are shared in contracts and are visibly present on board.
  • In the agreement, indicate the maximum number of customers that can be on board at the same time. The guideline is the prescribed group size / composition as determined in the emergency measures.
  • No catering is provided “on board”. Any consumption goods are taken by the customer or supplied before departure by an external company.
  • Ensure maximum hygiene, with extra attention to the time to be taken care of.
  • Provide clear protocols regarding customer handling, safety instruction and awareness.
  • If updates are made to these agreements, they will be communicated as soon as possible

For entrepreneurs who are unable to guarantee 1.5 metres due to exceptional circumstances

  • Ask the customer for a general statement on passenger health based on applicable guidelines.
  • Make sure that the crew with customer contact measures their temperature every morning (so that customer safety is guaranteed).

For customers

  • Always follow the instructions of the crew. There is a strict hierarchy on board whereby the skippers instructions must be followed at all times.
  • Only come with the permitted and agreed group composition.
  • Do not come to the ship if you have a cold or flu symptoms.
  • Payment (if applicable) is made in advance.

For the council

  • Consult with the port service and evaluate this and the entrepreneur on a regular basis. The aim of the consultation is to prevent any gathering as a result of the business activities.

End cleaning protocol on charter ships

Based on and adapted from the manual ‘Huishouding Zorginstellingen’ (Household Care Institutions)
C.F. Youell, 11 april 2020.


The purpose of this work instruction is to ensure that crew members and any personnel hired
cleaners know how, and according to which guidelines, the ship should be cleaned.

Field of application

This work instruction applies to the crew, hired personnel and of
application on board of the vessel offered.


1. General

  • Insulation on and of board, We work with gloves and an apron. There is no risk of contamination from drops.
  • Take only the necessary materials with you.
  • Be careful not to touch the eyes, nose and mouth when wearing gloves.
  • Take protective measures before leaving the cleaned area.
  • Disposable materials are collected in sealed containers and stored in a non-publicly accessible area. Washable materials are either washed immediately or transported in sealed plastic bags until washing.
  • Wash your hands before leaving the spaces below deck.

What is household cleaning?

The usual cleaning method on board charter vessels (preferably with
spray bottle, microfiber cloth, floor wiper).

What is disinfection?

Clean with 70% alcohol or approved disinfectant wipes, or chlorine solution 1 tablet in 5 liters of water, or 125ml of bleach in 5 liters of water.

Step 1: Final cleaning below deck

  • Household cleaning of the lounge and sanitary facilities. Cabins and other guest rooms are properly and permanently closed.
  • The use of crockery should be discouraged. This should be disinfected after use.

Step 2: Final cleaning upper deck

  • The whole ship is scrubbed and rinsed. The guest part is cleaned with extra attention given to seating areas and hand rails.

Step 3: General matters

  • Items left behind should be disposed of in sealed plastic bags.

Step 4: In case of suspicion of a risk of contamination

  • The ship must be disinfected (alcohol or bleach) and may not be offered again until 48 hours after disinfection, with the permission of the competent authorities.

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