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Give an original Mother’s Day gift this year and come for a weekend of sailing

It is almost time again: Mother’s Day! And what do you give mum besides a delicious breakfast in bed? An original gift, of course. This year, instead of perfume, give your mother the best gift there is, making a beautiful memory together. After all, making time for and with your mother is priceless.

What better way to do this than with a wonderful weekend away together. Step aboard a classic sailing ship with all modern facilities and enjoy each other’s company, delicious food and fresh air. Visit charming towns around the IJsselmeer together or discover one of the five Wadden Islands. Perhaps you will learn something new on board, like hoisting the sails together or steering the ship. Only if you feel like it of course, because everything is possible, nothing is obligatory and a lot is allowed!

What does a Mother’s Day weekend on board an authentic sailing ship look like

A Mother’s Day weekend begins on Friday evening when you step aboard the ship, where the ship’s crew consisting of the skipper, boatswain and cook are already waiting. You will also meet the other adventurous travellers who are coming along. The boatman shows you your cabin where the beds have already been made. After this, it is time for a drink of your choice with a delicious Tapas platter. Fill the evening as you wish. Stay on board to chat, enjoy a sunset on the water or explore the harbour town of Enkhuizen together. Feel free to ask the crew for personal tips on the nicest terraces and shops.

Saturday sailing and enjoying a Mother’s Day weekend

On Saturdays, you wake up to the smell of freshly baked bread and coffee, and an extensive breakfast buffet awaits you. Of course, you can repeat the Mother’s Day ritual and bring her breakfast in bed, or at least a nice cup of coffee or tea. During breakfast the skipper will share with you the current weather forecast and explain the plans for today.

After breakfast, the boatswain awaits you on deck and gives sailing instructions for those who want to help sailing. After this, the lines are untied and as soon as the harbour is behind you and the sails are up, the sound of the engine dies down. Now you are really away and the pure enjoyment can begin!

What is the destination of a Mother’s Day sailing weekend?

Depending on the weather, the wind and the tide, the destination is determined. Perhaps you will visit a picturesque harbour around the Markermeer to eat some fresh fish or experience a local tradition. Don’t like the fresh herring or the local clog dancing? Then stay on board and laze in the sun, give the cook a hand or ask the skipper to tell you one of his tall tales. The one who definitely stays on board or who maybe went out to get a local delicacy is the ship’s cook. Th cook provides a delicious and healthy lunch, which you can enjoy indoors or at a place of your choice on deck.

Then the journey continues. By now, everyone knows how the departure from a harbour goes and under the guidance of the boatswain you continue your journey. Take a look at the skipper’s office, where you will find binoculars to spot seals, birds and other sailing vessels. The skipper is also happy to explain how to navigate on such a large sailing ship. If she wants you can send mum too, don’t forget to take a selfie with her!

Where does the sailing trip end on the Saturday of a Mother’s Day weekend

At the end of the day, the final destination comes into sight. One of the many nice little harbours around the IJsselmeer? Falling dry on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea, a Wadden Island or will the ship anchor? All options have their own charms!

All that fresh air, fun and sailing makes you hungry! At the end of the afternoon, it is time for a hearty snack and a delicious aperitif. A toast to a beautiful day, a safe journey and a wonderful evening ahead. Go and discover the surroundings if you like, in case you are at anchor, it might be time to take a refreshing dive off board. Visit the harbour town, village or Wadden Island that has been reached. The cook tells you what time you are expected back for dinner.

Sunday brings an end to a wonderful sailing weekend

After another night of gently rocking on the water, another delicious breakfast awaits you. Today is dedicated to the return to the port of departure. In other words, a very special return journey. If possible, there will be another stop along the way, or perhaps a sailing race with another ship? At the end of the afternoon, you can disembark. What is certain is that you will return home with a suitcase full of stories.

Why a weekend sailing with your mum makes for a perfect gift

Spending time together is priceless, the setting of a classic sailing ship with all the accompanying care makes this extra special and is also a worry less. How nice is it to see the Netherlands from a whole new side? Namely from the water!

Maybe you or your mother sail occasionally, then a weekend away together on a sailing ship is a feast of recognition, the only difference being that you don’t have to worry about anything. What is also very pleasant is the central location of the port of departure. You load mum into your car or the train and in no time you are on an adventure. On the way, you are sure to come across new places and you will have plenty of time to catch up and enjoy yourselves.

Put your mother in the spotlight on a sailing weekend

Do you want to pamper your mother during this weekend? Then discuss with the cook whether a nice surprise can be arranged for her. If you prefer to do something with your mother alone, check with the skipper and hostess in advance what is possible! Book a table at one of the best restaurants around the IJsselmeer or take her to a special museum or performance.

Where does the celebration of Mother’s Day come from?

Mother’s Day was blown over from America last century. It all started with Anna Marie Jarvis from West Virginia. She admired her own mother and other mothers for what they generally did for their families.

When her own mother died on the first Sunday in May, she started General Memorial Day of All Mothers, a tribute to all mothers. Anna partnered with politicians, businessmen and schools. As a result, in 1910 the Governor of West Virginia called on everyone to celebrate Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May. In 1914, the then President Woodrow Wilson decided that this second Sunday in May would henceforth be the bank holidays Mother’s Day. Although not all countries celebrate it on the same day, it has long been a worldwide phenomenon.

Book a Mother’s Day weekend aboard sailing ship the Waterwolf

You can choose to sail a Mother’s Day weekend as described. You will then have a private cabin or cabins, if you come with more than two people or if one of you snores a lot. There will also be other guests on board. A sailing trip on the Waterwolf is planned for the weekend of 10 to 12 June and there are still a few cabins available.

Would you prefer to come with your own party and perhaps also grandma, uncles, aunts, or just the whole family to enjoy? That is possible too! Please contact us for the possibilities and together we will set a date for a wonderful sailing weekend in the spirit of Mother’s Day.

Of course, enjoying life on board the Waterwolf is also possible if you come alone or with a whole group of friends and colleagues! We also provide tailor-made day trips and sailing holidays.

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