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Sailing-along in autumn

When summer comes to an end and you still want to enjoy those last few beautiful days in autumn. Then there is nothing like spending some time on the water, relaxing, enjoying nature and being cared for for a weekend or midweek. Autumn is the favourite season for many skippers! Beautiful light, good wind and a sense of calm after the busy summer months.

The beautiful nature you see on the water during the autumn holidays

Contrary to what most people think, autumn is a wonderful time to sail in the Netherlands. On board of a traditional sailing ship you’ll get into the autumnal atmosphere. Often with a nice sunshine but also with a steady sail-wind, it is beautiful to sail the Wadden Sea with full sails, especially in this season.

What to expect from a sailing holiday in autumn

Almost every autumn holiday we organise a sailing trip. We are going to sail a midweek from Harlingen or the harbour of Enkhuizen and hikers are very welcome. Come alone, with your lover, children or friends and discover the beautiful wadden region while the trees are discolouring and the sea is a joy to sail on.

Catering during a sailing trip

Of course, every sailing-along trip is fully catered for. You book our sailing-along trips on the basis of full pension. So every day starts well with an extensive breakfast buffet, a delicious lunch and every evening a two course dinner, made with fresh and local products. During the day we will make sure, you never get hungry! For example, we are waiting for you with hot chocolate milk and freshly baked apple pie to warm you up.

What makes sailing in autumn so special

Sailing in autumn is special because it is the season of all winds, smells and colours. Birds are getting ready for the big migration, which is always an impressive sight. Besides that, it’s real enjoyment in the Dutch dunes during this season. You will make the most beautiful dune walks with a view of the typical Dutch skies above the sea.

The special nature on the Wadden Islands is now often at its most beautiful. Even if the weather is bad, there is plenty to discover on the islands but also in other port cities and villages. You can visit numerous museums and aquariums which you skip in summer when most people prefer to visit the beach in hot weather.

The skipper is warmly dressed at the wheel during an autumn sailing voyage
Well wrapped up, the skipper is at the helm

What can you expect from a sailing-along trip when you are alone?

When you are alone, a sailing-along trip is an excellent activity where you can easily make contact with new people. Of course you have your own place on board and you are not obliged to help. After all, you decide the details of your journey yourself. Many of our guests find that a very pleasant balance.

You find each other and you often get a bond by hoisting sails together and helping on board. In this way you get to know new friends, with whom it is also fun to do things on an islandduring the trip. Or, if you like, you can always retreat or explore the new places where we moor on your own.

Sailing along on the Waterwolf

What does a sailing-along weekend look like

If a midweek is too long or if you prefer to come for a weekend sailing, we have many sailing-along trips on offer. Ook deze meezeil weekenden zijn op basis van volpension. What is the programme and what can you expect during a weekend of sailing-along?


We expect our guests on board Friday evening at 20.00 hrs and welcome everyone. There is time to get to know the crew and the others on board and together we raise our glasses to a beautiful sailing weekend!


Saturday starts with an extensive breakfast after which the boatsman invites all guests on deck and tells the most important things about sailing and safety. The skipper explains the weather, the wind and the route. Depending on this, a final goal for the day will also be chosen. Then it is time to cast off!

Are you a sailing fanatic? Or planning to become one? Then there is plenty to do duringthe sailing trips on the Waterwolf and the Lotus. Even without experience but with some enthusiasm you are welcome to help.

Depending on the plan and circumstances, we sail to a nice town around the IJsselmeer or visit one of the five Wadden Islands. If possible, we will make a stopover somewhere along the way. For example, to have lunch or look around at one of the many picturesque places around the IJsselmeer and the Wadden area.

Sail through typically Dutch nature reserves with windmills and beautiful autumn colours

When we have reached our final goal, it is time for a drink and a snack. Discuss the day on deck of our flat-bottomed boats or go out and explore the surroundings.

After dinner, we will discuss what time we leave on Sunday and you decide how you want to spend the evening.

We have a library on board, games & Wifi. If we anchor, when the sky is clear it is really fantastic to see stars from the ship, on the dark mudflats. But if we are on a Wadden Island or in a harbour town, there is a lot to discover in terms of nature in the evening as well. You can look for one of the many special yoga spots on the Wadden Islands, if you feel like it. Of course there are also plenty of nice terraces or cafes.

The special light and the low sun make autumn a wonderful sailing season.


Sunday starts with a hearty breakfast, maybe a tour of the harbour. Then together we will prepare the ship for departure.

Today we will sail again, have lunch and see if we can make a stop, or visit the seals, for example.

Have you become curious about what the skipper has to pay attention to while sailing and steering? Then take a look on the rear deck. Here you can also sit comfortably and if you like you can learn all sorts of things about steering, navigating and setting sails, for example.

In the course of the afternoon we moor at the port of departure and a slow travel weekend comes to an end.

Sailing races in the autumn

September, October and even November are the months of the sailing races. Various regattas are organised from ports around the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. Per ship there are always places for boarders who can be part of the competition crew under the supervision of an experienced team!

Practical information about our autumn sailing offer

Every autumn, in September & October, we have several trips where you can go on your own, together or with a few friends, colleagues or family members. Both from the port of Harlingen and from Enkhuizen.

Check our homepage for the latest offers and book your weekend or midweek sailing with us.

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