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Special Yoga spots on the Wadden Islands

40% of the women and 15% of the men have ever done yoga in their lives. Where yoga used to be seen as woolly and (too) spiritual, now more than 13% of all Dutch people do yoga on a regular basis. Yoga schools are shooting up like mushrooms all over the Netherlands.

This also applies to and around the Wadden Islands, because they are very suitable for this purpose. People even come to the Wadden area especially to do a few days of yoga there. Sometimes they do so on the wide beaches or in the tranquil dunes. But nowadays you can even take Yoga lessons or practice it on board the many traditionalsailing ships that sail there.

Imagine falling dry in the middle of one of the many sandbanks and being able to do your yoga poses with nothing but silence and views at sunset or in the early morning.

Yoga on a sandbank in the Wadden Sea

Many experience this as the ultimate way of being one with nature. Others simply relax for a while because of this unique way of slow travel.

Unique Yoga spots in the Netherlands

Yes, you can go to Ibiza and there’s nothing wrong with standing in a club gasping for breath at night, after an afternoon of yoga. But if you want a real experience you can also do it much closer.

Okay, in winter you turn into an icicle, although yoga around a campfire in one of the many dune pans can be an experience in itself.

But in the summer months you can indulge yourself at the many beautiful sunsets and the best beaches around the Wadden Islands. They do not call Vlieland Vlibiza for nothing.

Yoga in nature on Texel

Of course one of the yoga studios on the Amsterdam canals where there are hundreds of them is always nice. Relax with 30 others and your personal teacher.

But what if you want to be alone for a while and experience something different? Want a moment for yourself in peace and quiet. Do you have to get on a plane to the Algarve or can you also visit our own island Texel?

For Dutch people who live in ‘the Randstad’ and want to get away from the hustle and bustle, Texel is the yoga paradise nearby From there you can visit a few more islands that have even more peace and quiet to offer.

But the combination of nature, the number of yoga teachers and the many empty long beaches makes Texel the most obvious excuse for relaxation.

On Texel you can choose for a number of Yoga schools, but the island offers plenty of space and opportunities to be completely on your own. Think of Paal 22 where there is no car park, lifeguard or tourists. At most you will be ‘harassed’ by a few stray seagulls.

The murmuring sounds of the sea will quietly accompany you during your yoga exercises or meditation.

Yoga and slow travel on Texel

Many yoga lovers choose Texel as a slow travel destination because there is a combination of “leisure and pleasure”. For healthy and vital living, Yoga is the ultimate form of relaxation, but you also want to have healthy and tasty food and fun.

Honest, delicious and healthy food on Texel

Texel is the island in the Netherlands where one of the most organic, biological and vegetarian restaurants and dishes can be found. But if you want a “sort off” IBIZA experience, there are plenty of live bands and other activities during the summer months. However, do not expect any champagnes parties or belly dance events.

Below are the 3 most inspiring Yoga schools on Texel:

1.Sukha Texel

Not only can you enjoy a yoga retreat or weekend retreat at Sukha, but you can also follow a cooking workshop and learn how to make your own delicious vegetarian dishes.

2. Twiins

AtTwiins they believe in the inseparability of body & mind. Not only can you practice Yoga here, you can also follow coaching sessions and immerse yourself in ‘me’ time for a weekend.

3. In balans op Texel

In Yoga and meditation centre ‘de Aleph’ you are in good hands with Mirjam and Arjen van Erkelens. With decades of experience and lessons for all levels, you can come here to find, maintain or strengthen your [her]balance.

Wellness & Yoga on Vlieland

Yoga is about giving yourself rest, discovering, but also pampering yourself.

The other side of yoga (instead of plodding through the dunes with your mat and a map under your arm) is pampering yourself with a complete yoga package at Wellness hotel Westcord Seeduin. Alone or with your friends

Yoga is central during this arrangement but around that you can book various indulgence treatments. For example relaxing massages, a trip to the sauna or various steam baths.

In addition, during a high wine you can recover from all this relaxation intensity. The Westcord Seeduin hotel is not just about health and Yoga. The inner being may also be spoiled. After all, you can easily walk off that one glass too many through the impressive wide dune landscape.

Yoga in the dunes of Vlieland

There are a number of places where you can go on your own with your yoga mat. For example in a dune pan on the Stortemelk beach. Hotel Westcord Seeduin is situated in the first row, you roll into a dune pan. From the only village on Vlieland, it is a fifteen minute walk.

You can also take the Vliehors express to ‘the Sahara of the North’. Also called the desert of Vlieland, this is a special place. On the one hand it gives you the feeling of being alone in the world.

On the other hand, it borders on a prominent exercise area of the Dutch armed forces, which is still trying to be of some significance. Even the seals are not impressed, but sometimes they can make noise like no other. Fortunately, it does not affect the rest of the island.

Special yoga classes on Vlieland

Not only if you are on a quest to find yourself or if you want to escape from your busy life for a weekend with steam coming out of your ears. But also during a summer holiday in the netherlands with your whole family you can come to Vlieland for very nice yoga classes.

Children’s yoga on Vlieland

Children are very welcome at‘Island service Vlieland’. In the summer, for example, they can follow a lesson in children’s yoga on the beach next to the sand castles they have built themselves or with their bums in the surf. And you are also allowed to participate.

1on1 Yoga on Vlieland

You can also send your partner and the children away for a while and take a private yoga class at a unique spot on the beach from spring to early autumn. Of course you can also join a regular lesson. Take a look at the schedule on the website when and where, because if it gets a bit too cold, you can follow the lessons inside.

Yoga during your holiday on Terschelling at Yogiez

Young, old, experienced or not, everyone is welcome in the yoga classes of Yogiez! Have you always wanted to try yoga? From May to September you can find the experienced yoga teacher on Terschelling at Paviljoen West aan Zee.

Would you like to book a lesson during your holiday on Terschelling? Or if you have a request or question, please contact Ezra Goudzwaard of Yogiez!

Yoga on the beach of Ameland

On the long (27 km) beach of Ameland there is a place that is difficult to reach other than by ship. With a flat-bottomed ship, however, you can sail there without a problem. Experience the somewhat unnatural sensation of heading towards the beach from deep water.

Sailing ship the Waterwolf on the beach of Ameland

On a deserted stretch on this huge strip of sand you can simply get off and find your own place to roll out your mat. Only a few ships can do this, speaking of a unique experience.

Small personal Yoga initiatives on Ameland

This is not a trendy yoga school but rather small personal initiatives. Let a local yoga teacher literally and figuratively take you to a new experience.

Yoga with Judith

In the summer months Judith will be happy to take you to her favourite places on the island. Take a look ather personal page and contact her for more informtation

Traditional Yoga on Schiermonnikoog

Combine your inner journey with traditional travelling as we have been doing in the Netherlands for hundreds of years and take the boat to Schiermonnikoog.

As the smallest island far from the hustle and bustle and with nature reserve ‘De Balg’, a sandbank that has grown attached to the island, you will soon experience an overwhelming feeling of peace and loneliness.

Dune landscape on Schiermonnikoog

This is the perfect place to take a walk on the beach to get to your ultimate yoga spot or just go nowhere at all.

Yoga Schiermonnikoog

Yoga Schiermonnikoog is all about good exercise and it is therefore also accessible. Attend an intimate group class at the beginning or end of the day to start or end the day on a high note.

Yoga on the beach of Schiermonnikoog

You can also book a private lesson so that you can fully concentrate on yourself. A nice side effect is that part of the tuition money goes directly to Natuurmonumenten. In doing so, you contribute to the preservation of the special nature areas on the Wadden Islands.

Midsummer Yoga weekend at Schiermonnikoog

If you are looking for a truly authentic yoga experience, consider the Midsummer yoga weekend. Not only is Yoga on special locations central, but you can also do a workshop of your choice. Think of a nature excursion or a workshop writing or painting. In the evening you can enjoy delicious natural and local dishes to end your day with.

Yoga festival on Schiermonnikoog

Every year in the first weekend of September the Yoga festival is organized. Immerse yourself for a whole weekend in all that yoga has to offer. Whether you are experienced or inexperienced, young or old, there is something for everyone.

There are many different styles of Yoga to follow, in the festival tents on ‘De Oorsprong’ campsite. You can also do all kinds of excursions: nature walks with a guide from Natuurmonumenten, or you can find your own way around the island by bike.

Yoga festival on Schiermonnikoog

There is a special programme for children so feel free to take your whole family with you. Completely luxurious is that dinner is included, made on the spot by a cook who prepares tasty, fresh and vegetarian meals for all yogis.

How to get to the Wadden Islands

Using the wind and carried by the water, you will soon find a nice flow. On board a traditional sailing ship on the high seas, it is much easier to let go of your busy daily life and focus on yourself. This is a good start of a journey to the special beaches around the Wadden Islands and your personal Yoga walhalla.

Finding your balance literally and figuratively during a yoga session on board can be a nice challenge. Not only while sailing or on a sandbank you can do special yoga poses. The wide beaches of the Dutch Wadden Islands are also one of the most unique Yoga spots in the Netherlands. Step aboard a traditional sailing ship, for example in the port of Harlingen and experience it for yourself.

Visit our homepage to see when we can bring you back to the best Yoga spots in the Wadden Sea or contact us.

The most special yoga places on the Wadden islands

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