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The 5 best things to do in Oudeschild Texel

Oudeschild is the only village on Texel that lies directly by the sea. It has a lively harbour where the small fishing community, consisting of some 30 Kotters, provides a tough charm. Especially around the weekend there is a lot to see and do. Nets are being fined and catches are being hoisted from ships. In addition, there are cosy terraces from where you can see the hustle and bustle from up close.

But this is not all. There are several special places to visit on this southwest side of the island. There is a sailors’ church and an old-fashioned windmill that you can’t ignore.

Das gemütliche Zentrum von Oudeschild bietet Cafés und Restaurants, nette Geschäfte und natürlich den frischesten Fisch in den verschiedenen Fischgeschäften.

The history of the village of Oudeschild

The village of Oudeschild came into being at the beginning of the 17th century. The VOC ships, which lay before the Reede van Texel, provided trade and prosperity. Small boats brought barrels of drinking water from the wells at ‘Buitenplaats Brakestein’ [een statige villa] just outside Oudeschild to the waiting ships sheltered behind Texel. Soon Oudeschild developed into a flourishing trading place for the merchants, VOC traders and other crew members of the large ships that were waiting off the coast to continue their adventure.

But why would you visit Oudeschild with your rented tuk-tuk? Below we have listed a few tips about the nicest things here for you.

1. Museum Kaap Skil

A staircase over the dike leads from the harbour into the village and not to be missed is museum Kaap Skil. Not an average museum!

To really experience what it was like to be a sailor with your ship in the storm in front of Texel around 1700, this is the place to be. At the interactive exhibition you will not only learn about it, you can also really experience it.

Of course you will also learn all about the V.O.C. history on the island. But also about the many shipwrecks on the bottom of the Wadden Sea.

Museum Kaap Skil in Oudeschild on Texel

2. Shrimp fishing with a real fishing cutter on the Wadden Sea

Texel’s fishing fleet is known for its shrimp fishing. These can still be found in abundance in the Dutch wadden region. The fishermen have Oudeschild as their home port. Do you really want to experience what it is all about on a traditional cutterr? Then book an afternoon of shrimp fishing and experience the life of a Texel fisherman.

How to book a fishing trip?

In the harbour of Oudeschild you can already seethe TX10 shrimp cutter, at the kiosk ashore in the harbour, book your place and get your ticket.

You go with a traditional cutter and a couple of warm-hearted seabirds on the Wadden Sea and catch your own shrimps. The nets fish much more off the seabed than shrimps alone, this is emptied into large tanks on board and in a playful way the captain explains what you see swimming around. The shrimps disappear into the pot and are prepared on the spot. You have never eaten them so fresh!

3. Rent a Tuk Tuk in Oudeschild and explore Texel in a playful way.

Oudeschild is the location of the Tuk Tuk express. Book a Tuk tuk safari and discover Texel in a playful way and at your own pace.

The safari is a route across the island where you will encounter all the highlights, drive along the special nature reserves and make assignments along the way. The advantage of a tuk tuk is that you are sheltered in your carriage and determine your own route. So you can explore the whole island at your leisure. Drive up tothe best beaches and enjoy the view, or find the hippest beach bars and roll up to the terrace.

You can easily fit in a tuk tuk with 4 adults and after a trial run through the port of Oudeschild, you will soon understand how to drive this staged tricycle. Please note, you do need a driving licence for this!

4. The Texel beer brewery

Visit the real Texel beer brewery. Yes, the one where, among other things, the famous Skuumkoppe beer is brewed and bottled.

You can experience a guided tour and tasting here. An enthusiastic guide takes you into the world of beer brewing and tells you about the history of this unique company. The tour goes past the bottling plant and the brewery where the red shiny copper kettles are smiling at you. Finally, there is a small selection of beers in the tasting room to experience for yourself what Texel gold tastes like. Ideal as an addition to your annual company outing.

5. High water dinner at restaurant ‘t Pakhuus in Oudeschild

Every autumn the storm season starts on the Wadden Islands and it is time for the high tide dinner. Storm often leads to high tide, also forrestaurant ‘t Pakhuus in the harbour of Oudeschild.

From approximately 1 October to 15 April, a combination of spring tide, a low-pressure area and a storm can cause the water in the Wadden Sea to be pushed up very high. This creates high water that washes over the quays of the port. An impressive sight.

When this will happen can only be predicted one or two days in advance.

Restaurant t Pakhuus on the quay in the harbour of Oudeschild

So to be able to join for a traditional high tide dinner you have to be a bit lucky. That immediately makes it extra special. You sit in the front row at restaurant ‘t Pakhuus to experience this spectacle!

You arrive at the restaurant before the tide comes in and, if all goes well, with dry feet. You can literally see the water rising during the aperitif and it flushes around the restaurant by the time you’re working on your main course.

But how do they make sure that you can also go home with dry feet, you can take a look behind the scenes at t pakhuus. They use pumps that can pump up to 750 litres of water per minute to keep everything and everyone in the restaurant dry. So it is impressive to see them at work.

Visit Oudeschild with an authentic sailing ship

If you are travelling with an authentic sailing ship on a day or multi-day trip, Oudeschild is the port where you moor. As soon as you sail in, you taste the rugged atmosphere of the fishermen’s life and you soon notice that the sailing ships of the Dutch sailing fleet fit in perfectly with this decor.

Whether you come along to meet new friends or get on board with your family, find out about the possibilities here.

Visiting Texel and Oudeschild by public transport

Even if you cross from Den Oever on the large ferry, Oudeschild is easy to reach. If you are in your own car, all you have to do is follow the signs. There are plenty of parking spaces at the harbour.

If you come to the island by public transport, you can use the Texelhopper on Texel. These vans will take you to every village on the island and they drive around from the first to the last ferry.

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