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The advantages of a summer holiday in the Netherlands

It is still uncertain which Corona measures will be applied along the Spanish coast and on French campsites. Will we all be able to go to the sea or the swimming pool together or will we draw straws to cool down for half an hour?

This uncertainty is causing more and more families to consider celebrating their summer holidays at home. For example on a holiday park in Zeeland, a bungalow on the Veluwe, in Drenthe or a sailing holiday inthe Wadden area.

Is a holiday in your own country cheaper?

The Netherlands is not the cheapest country in Europe, but it turns out that a holiday in your own country is often cheaper. This is in the first place because we are more conscious with our holiday budget in our own country. But there are more reasons why a family holiday in the Netherlands is cheaper.

Less useless purchases

When we go on holiday in our own country, we usually do it by car. Different from flying, we can take what we want without having to pay for that extra suitcase.

Don't buy any unnecessary stuff when we're on holiday in our own country

If we forgot something like diving goggles, a sand shovel or a towel we are less inclined to buy them at the much too expensive souvenir shop. So we do a lot less useless purchases.

No expensive airports or petrol stations

Once you arrive at the airport you quickly walk into the magazine shop. Because the flight is delayed again you buy that summer dress. If you get hungry you can also take the whole family for a sandwich for 12.50 Euro per person. This way you’re already more than 100 Euro further before you leave anyway.

Highway coffee in France tastes different than at home

It’s no different by car, because that hot chocolate, that cup of tasteless vending machine coffee and that sandwich on the French car route don’t get any cheaper either. Not to mention the fact that they are not even tasty, because French cuisine was not invented along the highway.

Cooking at home instead of eating out

Strange, but true, when we go on holiday in the Netherlands with the family we often cook ourselves. We are less likely to go out for dinner. Although Zeeland, the Wadden area and of course Drenthe is full of nice and delicious restaurants, we more often light the BBQ or go to the local supermarket to cook together in the evening.

Cooking together is also nice when you go on holiday in your own country.

We live healthier

It is normal that you pay less attention to your food during the holidays. We often drink that extra wine and a second dessert is fine, because we are on holiday anyway. You can train that off after the holiday.

Just as nice running when you're on holiday in your own country

But people who go on holiday in their own country appear to have less trouble paying attention to their eating and drinking patterns. They are slowing down. Many even choose Slow Travel. An increasingly popular way to travel.

They also find it easier to stick to their sports routine. All in all it turns out that during a holiday in our own country we live healthier without enjoying the holiday less.

A holiday in your own country helps the local entrepreneur

This year, due to the Corona crisis, there is a new motivation to go on holiday with the family in the Netherlands. We have all been hit hard by the Lockdown and entrepreneurs in particular have suffered a lot.

By going on holiday in the Netherlands we help the Dutch entrepreneur who really needs this income. Of course the French local fish restaurant is also entitled to an income. But he was already living from an income in the months June to August. Many did not really suffer from the lockdown. They were closed anyway.

Enjoy the Dutch food in The Netherlands

For the Dutch sailing ships on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer, the restaurants on Texel or the Zeeuwse Schouwen Duiveland, this is a completely different story. They have to make a turnover almost all year round in order to survive. That has been impossible for the past three months.

By opting for a holiday in the Netherlands, entrepreneurs who are now on the verge of collapse may be able to survive after all. Fortunately, more and more people are thinking about this and have this as a reason to go on holiday in their own country.

Where can you go for a holiday in your own country?

The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, but we have very beautiful, fun and impressive holiday spots in the Netherlands. It’s not just that we can stay in a hut in a tent somewhere on a meadow.

Nor is it the case that you have to hang out by the pool at one of the Center Parks for 10 days. There is much more to see and experience than we would initially think. Have you ever thought of a sailing holiday on the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer?

A sailing holiday on the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer

You can rent a boat for a week or more and sail around with your family in the Wadden area or on the IJsselmeer. That can be expensive, you have to be able to sail and you have to know the nice places and harbours to really have fun.

Fortunately, more than 300 authentic Dutch flat-bottomed boats have been preserved and fully restored and modernised to accommodate groups of friends and families. These are no small boats, butships of 20 to 40 metres that you can sail wherever you want. It is actually an all-inclusive hotel, especially for you and your family, but on the water.

Droogvallen op het Wad op een authentieke platbodem

Thanks to the unique shape of the sailboats there is an enormous amount of space both inside and outside on deck and because of the tranquillity of the sailing and the size of the ship, it is almost impossible to get seasick.

What you can do during a sailing holiday in your own country is the following:

  • Visit the nicest harbour cities around the IJsselmeer.
  • Sail with full wind on the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea.
  • Learn to sail yourself or let your children learn to sail.
  • Anchor and enjoy the clear starry sky in the middle of the water during the BBQ.
  • Sail to one of the Wadden Islands and take a cycling or walking tour in nature and enjoy the Dutch Dunes.
  • Go shopping on Texel or Terschelling.
  • Pick your own mussels on the mudflats.
  • ake a tour along the sandbanks and spot the seals
  • Fall dry on the mudflats (all these ships can do that) and have a romantic dinner at sunset on a sandbank.
  • Together with the skipper, find a special yoga spot and roll out your mat at a unique location.
  • Enjoy a drink on deck and take an occasional refreshing dip in the water.
  • Cook for yourself in the spacious modern kitchen or let the hostess and crew cook for you.

During a fully catered sailing trip you decide every day what you want to do and the skipper and hostess are ready to make your wishes come true. An unforgettable experience that is different every day.

Click here to find out more about the possibilities.

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