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The five best restaurants around the Wadden Sea

After a wonderful day of sailing, being able to sit down with glowing cheeks in one of the best restaurants around the Wadden Sea is possible again, and how! Both on the mainland in Harlingen and on some of the five Dutch Wadden Islands. Here you will find a few gems of restaurants where you can enjoy culinary pleasures at a high level. We list the best five for you.

Restaurant ‘t Havenmantsje in Harlingen

Between the Wadden Sea town of Harlingen and its historic harbour, you will find the Michelin-starred restaurant ‘t Havenmantsje. Just as historic as the city itself is the former courthouse from 1884 where ‘t Havenmantsje is located. This classic but warm decor contributes to an enjoyable evening of stylish dining.

Restaurant ‘t Havenmantsje in the port of Harlingen

At ‘t Havenmantsje they make eating in a star-rated restaurant accessible to everyone. By preparing beautiful dishes, taking into account the wishes of the visitor and for a very reasonable price. For example, let yourself be surprised by a succession of 10 courses with matching wine pairings. Everything created and prepared by Top Chef Marco Poldervaart.

A unique experience at the Chef’s table of ‘t Havenmantsje in Harlingen

If you really want a special experience, book the Chef’s table. With a small group of up to 6 people, you can sit around the open kitchen on the first floor. Literally in your midst, Chef Marco is cooking the Michel star from the sky and you can watch how your multi-course dinner is prepared and served.

Taste the sea in the dishes of restaurant ‘t Havenmantsje

At ‘t Havenmantsje, they use many local products, which is not surprising when the Wadden area and its fertile marshes are in your backyard. The endless possibilities of the local products inspire the kitchen to create creative and tasty dishes time and time again, and you can taste that.

With the seasons, the supply of fish, shellfish and all that goes with it changes. Choose a surprise menu and let yourself be pampered by the cooking skills on the south side of the Wadden Sea.

Restaurant ‘t Pakhuus in Oudeschild on Texel

Situated in a beautiful warehouse, centrally located in the harbour of Oudeschild, you can enjoy the most delicious local specialities here.

In restaurant ‘t Pakhuus you get the best of what the island and the sea around it have to offer. Fish is the speciality on the menu, caught sustainably in the North Sea and the Wadden Sea. Meat lovers can also indulge themselves here, as the famous Texel lamb is prepared here with passion.

Delicious food at 't Pakhuus

From lunch to diner you can enjoy tasty dishes at ‘t Pakhuus in the harbour of Oudeschild on Texel

Not only for an extensive dinner you can visit ‘t Pakhuus! Enjoy the hustle and bustle of the harbour with a delicious cup of coffee and homemade cakes or pastries. Or come for an extensive or simple lunch at noon. From high tea to a multi-course menu accompanied by special wines, juices or local beers, you are welcome ‘at the port’ and in ‘t Pakhuus.

3. Badhotel Bruin on the Wadden Island of Vlieland

As the name suggests, you can not only eat deliciously, but also spend a luxurious night at Badhotel Bruin. From 10.00 in the morning, you are welcome for a delicious breakfast or coffee with homemade apple pie.

Later in the day, they serve an extensive lunch and you can settle down for a cosy drink. Dine here a la carte or let yourself be surprised by a multi-course menu from the chef.

The best terraces in the village of Vlieland are located at Badhotel de Bruin

Whether you stay the night or come in the morning, you can enjoy the whole day and evening on the various terraces of Badhotel de Bruin. On the terrace on the frontside, you can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the village, in the middle of the cosy centre of Vlieland. If you prefer a little privacy and seclusion, there is the stylish courtyard garden where you can enjoy your own company undisturbed.

4. Restaurant ‘t Golfje in Midsland on Terschelling

Have you finished a competitive sailing trip or just a wonderful day of lazy sailing and are you hungry when you arrive at Terschelling? Then book a table at restaurant ‘t Golfje in Midsland. Located in a Terschelling-style farmhouse in the middle of the Wadden Polders.

In Petit Restaurant ‘t Golfje, you can let yourself be pampered with culinary delights, with a view of the vegetable garden and the row of dunes in the distance. Not only is the view finger-licking good, but of course Michelin does not mention this special restaurant for nothing.

Oriental and Mediterranean influences in the kitchen of ‘t Golfje on Terschelling

In the home restaurant ‘t Golfje you eat classic dishes with clear influences of Oriental and Mediterranean cuisine. The menu changes every season and you can enjoy vegetables and herbs from the kitchen garden and other local produce from the island. Get advice on matching wines, which are carefully selected to make your experience complete.

5. Restaurant Ambrosijn on Schiermonnikoog

Restaurant Ambrosijn does not go unnoticed by Michelin gourmets either. And this Wadden Sea gem is also a favourite with keen sailors. No matter how you reach Schiermonnikoog: By ferry, on foot from Groningen or during a sailing holiday.

Restaurant Ambrosijn is always worth a visit. Located on a lane full of island houses on the outskirts of the village, you cannot miss this restaurant named after a drink from the gods.

Special Wadden Sea dishes by Co Huijbrechts on Schiermonnikoog

Co Huijbrechts was for many years the chef at renowned restaurants throughout the Netherlands. In 2010, he settled on Schiermonnikoog and since then you can enjoy his culinary art here.

Just like many restaurants onthe other five Wadden Islands, Ambrosijn uses as many local and organic products from under and above the water as possible. Choose the pampering menu and be surprised or choose one of the a la carte dishes.

Ice cream parlour Ambrosijn on Schiermonnikoog

At Ambrosijn you can enjoy delicious homemade ice cream with special local flavours such as: Sea buckthorn, elderberry and island honey ice cream. In summer, these are not the only flavours but you can choose from as many as thirty. Made with milk from Islander cows, this is the place to cool down with home-made sorbet during a day of cycling or walking on the island.

Navigating on the Michelin stars with an authentic sailing ship

Is your mouth watering after reading all about the Wadden Sea? Then book a table at one or perhaps several of these culinary hotspots.

Just contact us and we will plan a sailing trip that will get you to all these right places at the right time. Not only for the delicious food but also for all the other beauty that the Wadden Sea World Heritage area has to offer.

Do you have a nice day trip in mind, which maybe starts with a lunch in Harlingen, after which you get on board and have dinner on Terschelling? Or a weekend where your island hop from Texel to Vlieland. Of course, you can also opt for a wonderful sailing holiday where you visit all the islands with Schiermonnikoog as the culinary highlight! On the way back, we might sail by a few addresses of the ten best restaurants around the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer!

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