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What clothing do I take with me on a sailing holiday around the Wadden Sea?

If you like some variety, sailing is a unique experience, you can experience up to four seasons in one day. The type of clothing you bring with you determines how much fun you will have on your sailing trip. Dressing too cold or too warm is never pleasant. Below are tips to always have the right clothing at hand.

The type of clothing you should take with you depends on the type of sailing trip. A day sailing in a sloop requires different clothing than a race around the Wadden Islands on a historic sailing boat. In addition, one prefers to lie in a bikini on the deck of one of the antique sailing ships and the other prefers to work more to hoist the sails.

What do you have to be prepared for when you go sailing?

Most people sail in the Wadden area with an organised sailing trip on an antique Tjalk or Klipper. During these sailing trips you have to take into account the avoidance of feeling cold, your own safety and comfort.

Avoid getting cold while sailing.

The worst thing that can happen to you is that it gets cold while you’re standing there with your soaked clot on the foredeck. This is true for any type of boat, because the weather doesn’t take into account the type of sailing you make. Normally, a waterproof jacket is more than enough, but just to be on the safe side, always bring a warm sweater. Even if the weather seems to be fantastic. If there is a chance of rain, you can always bring a rain suit.

Safety on board a sailing ship

Safety on board a sailing ship always has priority. This goes beyond the life jackets and other facilities and measures such as certifications. It also concerns the clothing you wear. Therefore, please note the following:

  1. Wear on board shoes with rubber soles

Ships not only move forward, but also from left to right. The deck is usually specially treated so you have more grip, but make sure you have good shoes with rubber soles. Bare feet on board while sailing most skippers prefer not to see. Because of the many ropes and heavy objects on deck this is not safe.

Stiletto heels look great and flip-flops are comfortable, but are generally not meant for sailing trips. You can take them with you for a nice photo at sunset. Just put them right back in your suitcase.

  1. Gloves prevent blisters on board

If you decide to actively help with sailing you will start pulling a lot of ropes. If you’re not used to this because you never hold more than a mouse or a pen, don’t be surprised if a few blisters develop. You can prevent this by bringing a pair of good gloves. For the most common operations, most commercial sailing ships usually also have working gloves on board.

  1. Avoid jewellery and accessories on board

Rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry make many a woman – or man – shine, but are not always practical on board. The chance that you get stuck somewhere is small, but the chance that they become part of the Wadden Sea collection is all the greater.

Not only is the bottom littered with accidentally lost cell phones, caps and scarves, but there is also a gold and silver stock of lost jewellery that the Dutch bank would envy. Because a sailing ship has no reverse, once lost is always lost and that’s a pity when it comes to something precious like an inheritance or your favorite accessory.

  1. Wear long hair in a tail while sailing

If you want to help actively while sailing, make sure you put long hair in a tail. This is to prevent it from getting stuck or blowing in your face during a manoeuvre on board the ship.

The last thing a skipper wants is to cut you loose and ruin your whole coupe. Especially if this is necessary, before you have been able to make a selfie with the sunset.

Comfort during and after sailing

Sailing on the Wadden Sea is mainly about having fun. Comfortable clothing is of course also part of that. Most sailing ships can – and will – put out to dry on the Wadden Sea during low tide. At that moment you can do three things.

  1. Climb off board and go for a swim

Most people use a bikini or swimming suit for this, but as long as you are properly covered everything is allowed. It is advisable to put on dry clothes again when you depart, because at the end of the day and evening it can get a bit chilly. Towels to dry yourself off are almost always available.

  1. Climb aboard and walk on the mudflats

An activity that many people enjoy is walking on the mud flats. This can be done barefoot, but you don’t want to accidentally step on a sharp stone or on a lost mussel. That’s why mudflat walking is done by most people in tight-fitting high sneakers. Due to the sucking effect of the swallow on the mudflats, you can easily lose a rubber boot or low shoe. That is why they are not recommended.

Walking on mud flats makes you dirty. So don’t wear your latest outfit but a short [zwembroek] and a shirt.

  1. Stay on board and try to find the wine cabinet or beer draft

Entire tribes who have already experienced it once will sign for it to be able to experience the sunset from the deck of a sailing ship once more. The magic of this picturesque scene remains special time and time again. Especially when accompanied by good company and a nice glass of wine or beer on tap.

The clothing you put on doesn’t matter of course, but because this moment of the day can bring about fantastic photos, sometimes you don’t just want to have your weekend outfit at hand. Maybe a three-piece costume goes a bit far, but everyone should know that for themselves.

About the author.

Lotus sailing takes care of all your sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer for friends, family or other groups. If you have any questions about which clothing to bring or if you want to book a sailing trip on one of our antique ships yourself, please contact us.

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