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Why sailing along on the IJsselmeer & Wadden Sea is so much fun

What’s with the sailing along trips? And to what extent do they differ from ‘normal’ sailing trips? Sailing along trips are organized on authentic ships of the Dutch sailing fleet that sail over the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea. What makes that so much fun?

You book your bed or cabin on board a tjalk or Klipper for a weekend, midweek or longer and celebrate your holiday in the Netherlandsin a unique way!

If you have always wanted to sail the Wadden Sea with full sails, but renting a whole boat is not an option, or if you are looking for a fun way to get in touch with others, then a sailing trip with us might be something for you.

You can step aboard alone, with your sweetheart, family or a select group of friends in, for example, the harbours of Harlingen or Enkhuizen and visit the most beautiful places in the Netherlands by water.

The beauty of travelling alone

Sailing along when you’re alone

Suppose you’re alone, or alone with your [eren] and want to go out anyway. Maybe not too far, considering Corona. You like to be outdoors and are curious about new places, such as nice harbour towns around the IJsselmeer for example.

Then you can consider sailing on an authentic flat-bottomed boat such as the Lotus or the Waterwolf. You will be assigned your own cabin for the duration of the trip and will be en route with an experienced crew and other like minded travellers.

Together you will hoist the sails, help cook, moor and have enough free time to get to know the other sailors or retreat and do your own thing.

Sailing along with children

Are you alone with your child or children and do you want something different than sitting in front of the tent or at home on the balcony. Then sailing along is a nice alternative. You will share a cabin on board equipped with all conveniences and you don’t have to worry about food and drinks.

Indicate what you and your kids like and which vegetables you don’t like and we’ll take that into account!

Playing on the beach, during low tide with an authentic flat bottom
Playing on the bottom of the Wadden Sea

Furthermore, we have buckets, fishing rods and nets so that the little ones not only have a lot of fun but also learn something about the special nature areas on the Wadden Islands.

What do you need to take with you on a sailing along trip?

What you take with you on a sailing trip depends on the duration, the weather and the area where you are going to sail. But on your journey, it’s not just about sailing. Don’t forget to bring things you’d like to do along the way, such as your camera. The seals are excellent models and lend themselves perfectly to a postcard you shot yourself.

You visit harbours, islands, towns and villages and along the way there is more than enough time to do other things. Of course you can bring your own book or borrow one from our library. Do some online work through our hotspot or immerse yourself in the extraordinary history of the creation of the IJsselmeer.

If you’ve always wanted to walk around the mudflats, old sneakers are indispensable in your bag. And if you like angling or are attached to your own air mattress to float on the iJsselmeer or from one of the beaches of the Wadden Islands, take it with you. We do have a rod or a pump for you.

And if you’re curious about what special yoga spots there are on the Wadden Islands, don’t forget to bring your mat.

What’s there to do on a sailing along trip?

There is of course a lot to do during a sailing trip and more than just hanging in the ropes and throwing out anchors.

Prior to departure, the skipper will discuss the possibilities with you. These depend on the weather, wind and the wishes of the guests. If you sail from Harlingen there is a good chance that you will discover the best things to do on Terschelling and the other islands.

Faling dry onto the mudflats is also one of the possibilities, where the ship is sailed on a sandbank or on the beach of one of the islands and you can walk on the bottom of the sea.

But if you step aboard in the harbour town of Enkhuizen, you might just discover why the Markermeer is one of the most beautiful sailing spots in the Netherlands. Of course you will visit historic harbour towns, picturesque villages and you can not only sail, but also make beautiful bike and / or hiking trips.

The experienced crew on board not only has a lot of knowledge of sailing but also knows a lot about the surroundings. This way you can be sure that you will get the best tips about, for example, the best surf and kite beachesor the most beautiful dune walks. In short, what you need to see and where you need to be, and if you wish, every time somewhere else is constructed.

The most beautiful sailing trips

What can you expect from a sailing along trip?

Sailing with us is not only more convenient if you can’t or don’t want to hire the whole ship yourself. It’s also a lot cheaper in comparison. The prices are based on full board and mean that you not only pay for your made bed, but also that three times a day delicious food is waiting for you and you also have nothing lacking in the snack departement in between.

A sailing along weekend with you getting onboard on Friday evening 20.00 hrs and stepping off again on Sunday at 17.00 hrs is already possible for 268 euro p.p. all in.

If you come from Amsterdam and depend on public transport, a sailing trip from Enkhuizen harbour is a good start. Easy to reach by train and the Gependam on which the ships are moored is located next to the station.

Booking a sailing trip

Are you in the mood for a sailing trip, or are you planning to compose your own slow travel trip? Please contact us or check out our next trip here.

Even if you have any questions, wishes or remarks, are in doubt or would like to know more, we can always be reached via our website.

Discover sailing on the Dutch Wadden sea and IJsselmeer

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