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The 15 nicest things to do on Terschelling

It’s really not that difficult to discover the nicest places of Terschelling. There’s plenty of information Maybe you’re planning your first Slow Travel experience soon or a sailing trip? Or do you go alone or with your family for an active holiday in the direction of the Wadden Sea.

For anyone looking for inspiration to visit the greatest places on Terschelling, I have listed my personal favorites below.

Special sights on Terschelling

We have been sailing to the best beaches on the Wadden Islands for decades and Terschelling is one of our favourite places.

Whether you come with or without children, prefer a sporty day or don’t want to stir a fin but want to be pampered, it’s all possible!

Seal watching on board a traditional sailing ship

1. The Sea aquarium on West-Terschelling

More than 10,000 organisms live per cubic metre in the Wadden Sea area, add special fish and bird species and you’ll be amazed at this aquarium & museum. For the little ones there are nice treasure hunts but also without children this museum is worth a visit. An option par excellence when it rains, for example.

The Wadden Sea area at low tide during sunset

2. The Wreckage Museum

Thewreckage museum is unique in its kind! A collection with the necessary humour and attention exhibited in a special location. Highly recommended for young and old. Go and see that and discover what has been fished out of the sea and from the beach in recent decades, guaranteed that you will see special and remarkable items and you’ll be surprised!

3. Het Behouden huys

Named after Willem Barentsz’s hideout during his third polar expedition. In this unique little museum they show you how people used to live on the island. In addition, there is a treasure trove of information about shipping past and present.

The best outdoor activities on Terschelling

Outdoor activities to do on Terschelling

GPS bike or Hike on the island

At organisation agency ‘Mooi-weer‘ you can book a customized GPS tour: You can decide how, for how long and when you want to go. You’ll get a GPS, map and compass. Along the way you will answer questions and if you wish, extra activities can be booked, for example archery or building rafts.

Beachcombing with the environment beachcomber

De Milieujutter is a non-profit organization, they collect treasures washed ashore but also washed up junk. Terschelling is situated along a busy shipping route and a lot of stuff washes ashore every year. Help out, learn all kinds of interesting facts from the experienced beachcomber and who knows, you may find a very unique souvenir!

Beachcombing on the Wadden Islands during a sailing holiday

Horse and carriage rides on Terschelling

There are several tours to book, you can book a tour of 3 hours where you follow an amazing route through dunes, forests and over the Boschplaat.

But you can also choose to take a horse and carriage to the North Sea beach. Here you will then pull together a trawl through the gullies and across the seabed of the sea. That’s how you catch your own shrimp. Also called ‘Korren’.

In addition to the large numbers of shrimp, crabs, flatfish, jellyfish, sand eels, hermit crabs and starfish are also caught. The catch is turned into an “aquarium” on the spot so that everyone can see the live animals up close. The shrimps are cooked and can be tasted. This is a unique experience for young and old, it is always exciting to see what emerges from the water.

7. Hiking with your own Donkey

The image of the donkey is not too good but they are very sweet, friendly animals.

Now you’re wondering why in God’s name would you go for a walk with it? For the simple reason that these animals are a surprisingly pleasant company. They love to carry your kids and/or a delicious picnic basket, which you can order. In addition, they know really nice routes here and you eat your lunch in a special place, which you would otherwise never have found. Book atPuur Terschelling

Sports activities on Terschelling:

Duringa holiday in our own country we have less trouble keeping to our sport rhythm, we have already learned. But outside your standard running session there are many more fun sports activities to do on Terschelling.


Blokarting on the beaches of Terschelling

The Wadden Islands have the most beautiful beaches in the world, discover them with a blokart.

You can choose to go on a go-karting trail or explore a specially designated part of the beach. For small children there is a possibility to go in a duokart together with an adult. This is really for everyone, prior to your Blokart experience, you will receive thorough instruction from experienced staff and after that you can sail across the beach yourself.


Contrary to popular belief, Kitesurfing is not that difficult or dangerous at all, provided you get the right guidance. And you get those at Kitesurf school Terschelling, for example. An amazing experience, bookable from 10 years of age onwards and in consultation with current, tides and wind. It is not for nothing that Terschelling is one of the best surf spots in the Netherlands.

Kite surfing at sunset on Terschelling

10.Horseback riding

There are several riding stables on the island where you can book beautiful trips, through the woods, dunes and on the beach. Lessons, group and private rides are also possible.

Horseback riding on the beaches of Terschelling

11.Tennis, kickboxing, spinning and fitness

Do you want to stay in your sports rhythm during your holiday or do you want to try something new, that’s possible! You can order tickets for a day or more with which you can do unlimited sports or follow a single lesson of your choice.

Are you on one ofthe authentic sailing ships, then you are already quite sporty, it can’t hurt to train your arm muscles a bit for the way back!

Relaxing on Terschelling

If you get tired of all the options above, don’t worry, during a visit to Terschelling or one of the other five Wadden islands you can spend days without any effort but just by relaxing.

Lounging in old-fashioned beach chairs on the Wadden Islands

12.Wellness resorts

Let yourself be pampered, massaged, detoxified, cared for and visit the wonderful saunas at Wellness hotel schylge or Wellness residence Boschryck.

13. Ontspanningsmassages & voetreflexologie

Need a moment for yourself, or maybe you suffer from some muscle ache after all that horseback riding? Choose a good massage from karin. All that walking doesn’t make your feet look better or maybe they are tired, even then you can go for a lovely foot massage, pedicure or a foot reflex treatment on Terschelling.

14. Iyengar Yoga

Just relax and still spend an active hour for yourself, that’s possible at Iyengar Yoga Terschelling. Yoga classes are held on different days and at different times throughout the year, at all levels. In addition, there are many special Yoga places to be found on the Wadden Islands.

Yoga at sunrise on Terschelling

15. Sailing to Terschelling

Did you know that you can book very nice sailing tripswith us? Where you do not only visit Terschelling but also the other five Wadden islands on an authentic flat-bottomed ship. So you always have your own holiday home with you. The seals swim with you on the way and you wake up every morning at the best locations in the Dutch Wadden Sea area.

the 15 nicest things to do on Terschelling

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